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Essay on "Ecology"


Today everyone knows what ecology is. Although a hundred years ago, few people knew about its importance. The fact is that this rather young science has gained special importance these days, as our planet has become in need of protection from the very people and their actions. Unfortunately, the industrial revolution has made life easier, bringing many benefits for convenience and comfort, but it has done irreparable damage to our common home. Thousands of factories, pay for essay  factories are now built, waste and all garbage are dumped, natural resources are extracted - all of which make life on Earth worse and worse every day. This is why we have become in dire need of the teachings of the science of ecology.


People poison and kill what nature has given us. They cripple and ruin life. The air is difficult to breathe because of exhaust fumes and emissions of toxic fumes and gases. Thus, terms such as "greenhouse effect", "ozone hole", "global warming", etc., have appeared. In addition, the work of poachers on deforestation and the killing of rare animals in pursuit of profit does not stop for a minute. Also, our once crystal clear water has become like a cesspool, it is impossible to drink because of the emissions of industrial and sewage waste into it. People make money from selling water, 50 years ago it would have seemed ridiculous to sell clean water, but today it is a reality. Man has college essays for sale proclaimed himself the crown of nature and thinks he has the right to use it to his advantage, but still nature makes itself known and its power. Man is powerless against natural elements: tsunamis, volcanic explosions, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes. It is worth thinking about, though, in our world, it is money that decides everything. People have forgotten about real values and think only about profit, if I am fine, then the world will end - many people live by such a principle, without thinking about the future of other generations.


The government supports ecological services, which work to restore the environment, decrees and bans are introduced, the subject "Ecology" is introduced in schools, so that from an early age children learn to take care of what we have left. They also write my capstone project propose recycling and reuse of garbage, they build special filters to clean the smoke at industrial enterprises, they create environmentally friendly cars that run without fuel and without exhaust fumes. The work to restore ecology is in full swing, but all these inventions cost much more than the ruthless use of nature and its resources, so no one is in a hurry to spend their money in the name of saving nature.


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