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How To Oil Impact Wrench


Your cordless and corded impact wrench must be oiled regularly to keep its moving parts working optimally. In addition to this, oiling of your impact wrench will increase its durability and shelf life, thus reducing the costs of maintenance or replacing the tool. The reasons for oiling and the steps involved are highlighted below;

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Reasons Why You Must Oil Your Impact Wrench

The major threats to your impact wrench are water contamination and the buildup of dirt and debris and draining the air tank inside the impact wrench compressor will not solve these problems. Water contamination and condensation in the airline of the tool as a matter of fact will reduce the performance of the wrench. The great news is that lubrication can help prevent or eliminate these problems and it doesn’t take much time to perform it.

Keep in mind that the motor inside the impact wrench has some polished surfaces that resemble cylinders in a car engine. Dirt, water, rusts, and many other kinds of contaminants can easily destroy these shining surfaces triggering some premature wear and tear to the motor and causing a drastic reduction in the performance of the impact wrench. Experts recommend that the draining and purging of the impact wrench system compressor on a weekly basis must be performed before lubrication.

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What You Should Know About Lubricating Your Impact Wrench

Though the timing of lubrication may be unnecessary, experts suggest that impact wrench for home use should be lubricated at night to prevent condensation. Experts also suggest that you should avoid connecting a dirty hose coupler to your impact wrench, couplers thrown on the floor normally attract dirt, grease, and other contaminants that may introduce such things into your impact wrench. You should consider lubricating your wrench once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the night, to achieve the best result.


How to Lubricate Your Impact Wrench: Step by Step Guide

Removing the rubber cover of your impact wrench is the first step in lubrication. Some impact wrenches don’t have this.

Make sure you have the original impact wrench oil recommended by the impact wrench manufacturer before you begin these processes. Remove the back-plating once the rubber cover is removed. You need to take off the nuts attached to the plating first, and you can use the align key to achieve this. Make sure the gasket at the bottom of the plating is protected at this point. Remove the rod and bearing by hammering and punching the tool to tap the anvil before accessing the rod and bearing. The next step is to remove the air motor after removing the bearing. Next, remove the hammer and the Anvil and then the cleaning starts. Make sure you lubricate both ends of your impact wrench to achieve the best result. Reassemble the device after 20-40 minutes after the oil has dry out. The Laser Level Hub Top Construction Tool Reviews will provide more information on effectively lubricating your impact wrench.




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