Today, the world is facing an unprecedented danger with COVID-19. As each day unfolds, we hear stories of how the pandemic is affecting millions of lives. There remains a critically affected population whose stories need to be heard and concerns need to be addressed. What to do after losing a loved one who is also the breadwinner for the entire family? How should one cope up with this kind of distress?


Pradaan wants to address the issues of such families by providing them with a platform to access basic information to overcome their adversities. 


We are a non-profit organization that aims to provide legal, financial, career and mental aid to people who have been affected by the pandemic. Pradaan envisions growing across India to alleviate the grief of the people affected by COVID and enhance their chances of leading a better life through our aid. 


We provide free webinars by prominent individuals from the legal, mental health, financial and education world, and a variety of authentic articles and blogs. We also offer individual care, attention and customized webinars for people who seek help to overcome their hardships. Share your feelings or ask us anything because we are in this together, and aim to build a better world for you and your family.