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"To what?"? A fool like him deserves to die. Obviously the strength above the opponent, but less determination to win, such a fool is not worth managing. Look at him. He's not even good enough to fight. However, it seems that your Western gods are not all bad. This rain eyes had framed Qi Yue, and now can have such determination into the battle, seems to want to die with Hades, I do not know if it is also because of Qi Yue that boy? I want to see what her final outcome will be. After listening to the words of the Bull Demon King, Satan's heart can not help but rise a feeling of sadness, the zodiac warriors are not wrong ah! What are they? They are just a dog under the Bull Demon King. Everything can only listen to this powerful creature around you. Just then, the Bull Demon King looked back at the cold son next to him and smiled indifferently. "Are you worried about Qi Yue?" Leng Er's face stiffened, but he did not answer. Although Satan was unwilling to be ruled by the Bull Demon King, he wanted to live and knew the truth that a real man could shrink. He quickly said angrily to his daughter, "You girl, why don't you answer the master's words?" Novel-txt Paradise Chapter 352 destruction of Hades (I). The cold son snorted, "he is your master, but not my master.". { Bubble, book. Right, first. You can kill me if you want me to follow your orders and answer your questions,shuttle rack system, but you can't. The Bull Demon King laughed and it turned out that there was such a stubborn little girl in hell. I know the relationship between you and Qi Yue. After all, I have been with him for a long time. Although you are helping your father to occupy the West on the surface, I'm afraid you're thinking about Qi Yue all the time. Don't worry, the boy will show up. However, when he faces me, I'm afraid he won't have any chance. But if you don't want him to die, there's a way. Hearing that the Bull Demon King mentioned Qi Yue,mobile racking systems, Leng Er immediately noticed that the so-called concern was chaotic. She subconsciously asked, "What can I do?" "Very simple," said the Bull Demon King lightly. Qi Yue is the only human I like. Unfortunately, he is on the opposite side of me, and there is only one way to keep him alive. Is to swear to me, as your father did. Perhaps you do not know, with my current strength, as long as I want, in a few hundred years, when I reach the next bottleneck, I can break the void. When the time comes, I will naturally give the world to others to rule, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, and Qi Yue is my favorite person, as long as he is willing to submit to me, hundreds of years later, the earth is him and you, this is not the best outcome? What's more, I'm not interested in destroying the earth. After all, I've lived here for so many years. I can even promise him to let the sunshine return to the earth. Let human beings live normally again. Leng Er suddenly smiled, a silvery smile, which seemed a little strange in such a depressing atmosphere. "What are you laughing at?" The Bull Demon King asked angrily. "I laughed because you were afraid," said Leng with a smile. You are not absolutely sure to defeat Qi Yue at all. That's why you made such a generous offer. What a pity! You are not Qi Yue after all. You don't have his mind. Since you know him well, you should understand that he will never compromise. Do you think I can influence his decision? Wrong, don't say me, in this world. No one can influence his final decision. The Bull Demon King's eyes flashed with cold light, "I'm afraid?"? I'm the one who should be laughing. Can't you see what the strength comparison between Qi Yue and me is like? With his current strength, he doesn't even have a chance to compete with me. Will I be afraid? In that case, you just wait and see. It's just that when he's completely destroyed by me and his soul brand is completely obliterated from the world. Just don't regret it. They're talking on one side, on the other. The battle between Rain Eyes and Hades has also reached a new level. With the help of the zodiac realm, the rain eyes have become the golden incarnation, the faint light flashing, her glittering eyes straight into the eyes of Hades, a low drink, a strong mental fluctuation.
In an instant, it enveloped Hades' brain. Hades snorted, and a gray mist erupted from him. Rain clouds are good at mind storms, which are used by rain eyes through the zodiac. The effect is different. Even a strong man like Hades can't resist all such mind storms. The huge breath of energy destroyed his inner defense in an instant. The energy control around the body suddenly weakened a little. Rain eyes moved, with Athena's spear as sharp, almost in a moment, she had come to Hades, sharp spear burst out a group of dazzling golden light. The huge breath of energy had congealed into shape for only a moment, and her body. It seemed that it had completely merged with the spear and became a part of Athena's spear. When the fog around Hades's body converged again, the sharp tip of the spear had come to him. Suddenly, Hades played his due strength of the keeper, the sword trembled in his hand, and countless gray shadows swept up, strangling the spear in the hands of the rain eyes from all sides. The harsh energy rubbed like countless pieces of metal being cut, and the strong sound made the gravel under their feet tremble. As soon as the grey and gold figures crossed, the huge energy fluctuations were raised to a new height, and when their positions were completely reversed, each other's energy was reduced to the lowest level. One is high and one is low, and the fluctuation of energy is extremely strange. Rain eyes on the body of Athena's armor, there are hundreds of fine traces,warehouse pallet racks, it is the sword in the hands of Hades left scars. Unfortunately, the energy of these sword marks is too scattered, and did not really break the defense of the rain eyes.

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