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When I got downstairs, I saw Cooper leaning against the lamppost in the same position as he had stood here for the first time, and he looked very nervous. Hi~” "Hm?"? Oh, Sister Su. Cobb frowned and seemed to be cruel. "Su Qing, I have something to say to you!" Su Qing one Leng, in the heart secret way is not good, think these days is graduation day, Lu Quzhou before also said on the game to go their separate ways what. Cobb, you're not going to confess to yourself, are you? "Su Qing, actually I-" "I know!" Su Qing interrupted him in a panic. "When will Elder Martial Brother leave school?" Tomorrow.. What do you mean you know? Su Qing seriously stared at Cobb's black and white eyes, straight to see him guilty: "I know what you want to say, if I will not be mistaken." Elder Martial Brother, I have someone I like. Watching Cobb's expression instantly solidified, Su Qing guiltily lowered her eyelids and heard each other's voice coming from the top of her head: "Does he like you?" Do I still have a chance? “……” "Goodbye." Su Qing smiled and waved away. Today is her second time to say goodbye, she does not want to answer such an illusory question, do not want to say some illogical sour words, so, we are not ugly, why a word entangled? Cobb looked at Su Qing's back with a burst of fever in his eyes. "Goodbye, Sister Su." Goodbye, never again. 56 On this side,Adhesive fish ruler, Su Qing ended Cobb's careful feelings, and on the other side, Lu Quzhou packed up and quickly landed in the game. [Gang] Ten Years of Drifting: Where's Crisp? [Gang] Lu Yu: How do we know? He's not inseparable from us. [Gang] Ode to the Chrysanthemum: Drifting, you old base, soak with us all day, are you serious? [Gang] Twelve Dao Gan Kun: Yes, you are so close that you are not normal. [Gang] Murong Ziying: Don't worry, we love our gay friends very much,tape measure clip, and we won't discriminate against them. [Gang] Thermos Cap: Love + 1, Non-discrimination + 1 In fact, a group of people are just teasing, but Lu Quzhou felt guilty for a while, and after thinking about it, he decided to take this opportunity to ask out his long-standing doubts. [Gang] Ten Years of Drifting: Do you feel.. Su-su is actually a woman? [Gang] Twelve Dao Gan Kun: No, I raised him. When was he castrated? [Gang] Qingfeng San: Where is such a wretched woman … … [Gang] Thermos Cap: I had my doubts. [Gang] Chrysanthemum Song: Really? Man to woman, thunder! [Gang] Super Boobs: My master? He said himself that he was a woman, but no one believed him. [Gang] Thermos cap: Yo, rich MM is coming, ask rich MM! [Gang] Dog Fuguier: What? [Gang] Lu Yu: Fugui, have you ever seen peach cake in reality? [Gang] Dog Fuguier: Live next door to me, didn't you say? [Gang] Chrysanthemum Song: Crisp Young Men's Women? [Gang] Dog Fugui: How can he be a woman? [Gang] Super Boobs: Really? Wang Ke was surprised at the sudden hot pursuit of this group of people, and when he saw that Boba was also very curious, he suddenly changed his mind and knocked in the gang. [Gang] Dog Fuguier: Peach cake is my EX, Diameter tape measure ,Fiberglass tape measure, are you sure? [Gang] Super Boobs:.. Su Qing does not know, oneself have not admitted the matter, accompanies this sentence once again to be closed the coffin conclusion. And Lu Quzhou? He was a little nervous peeping at everyone's discussion, frequent contact with peach cakes can not help but doubt the judgment of the past, sometimes. That's very feminine. Later, he felt more and more vague about the gender concept of peach cake, and thought that he had never admitted that he was a shemale, and sometimes even casually said that he was a woman, and that they were clearly male and female. Lu Quzhou wanted to ask in the past, but he was afraid that the misunderstanding would hurt people, so he kept his suspicions quiet. It was not until the dog said "EX" that his face finally sank. 46. Kill your own husband. In the evening, Su Qing went online and saw that the drifting head was on, so she used to M him. [Private Chat] Peach Cake: Where are you? After waiting for a while without a response, Su Qing guessed that she was not in front of the computer, so she went to the market by herself.
About ten minutes later, he received a reply from the drifter, saying that he was setting up a stall in the free market. Su Qingxin said that he was in the market, and maybe he could meet him? But after visiting the first line of the market still did not see anyone, Su Qing pondered that he was not in the first line? [Private Chat] Peach Cake: Too Many People in the Market Didn't Find You, Group It took me a long time to receive an invitation to join the drifting team. When I entered the team, I saw that there was still a person, Nan Ke, who was drunk. Su Qing was stupefied for a moment, a little unhappy in her heart, but when she thought that Nanke had said to herself that day that she was in love with someone else, she felt that she was petty. When I get along with Nanke these days, I can see that she is not a person who abuses her scheming. If she says she doesn't want to fall in love, she must be in love. [Team] Nanke Yizui: Crisp! [Team] Peach cake: Hi ~ Drifting did not move, Su Qing did not take it seriously, looked at the map and found that the two people were not in the market at all, but in the immortal island. Maybe it was over after setting up the stall, Su Qing thought in a daze. [Team] Peach cake: Drifting, you wait for me in the same place. [Team] Ten Years of Drifting: Don't come over, I'll get off the line after brushing here [Team] Nanke Yizui: I'll come to play with you later No matter how dull Su Qing was, she also felt the coldness of ten years of drifting, and was confused in her heart, so she had to give up at the moment. After all, there were other people in the team, and she didn't want to fall behind in front of Nanke. Around the city alone, the antique buildings along the street are hidden in the willow catkins and flying poplars, the merchants and hawkers guard the people, and the crowds of people make the streets very lively. Su Qing did not have the mood of amusement at all, she did not understand, yesterday was still warm, how to drop to freezing point in a twinkling of an eye? Lu's temperature self-control is too poor, right? Or did he make the mistake of refusing to welcome again? No, that kind of ambiguous and restless mind will only exist in a certain plot, if the scenes they rehearsed have been like this, will they never come to the fore? Shaking for a long time,fish measuring tape, the system prompted friends to drift offline, Su Qing's heart sank, he did not even notice to go. [Team] Nanke Yizui: Crisp!!! Wait for me.

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