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His words did not fall Yu Siniang's crutch has been like a storm to roll up like a storm Falak fought back with his sword and said with a sneer "Ugly do you think the Buddha is afraid of you" In an instant the two men were fighting together at the cost of their lives It was originally a three-to-one situation but now because Siniang alone bears the hardships the pressure on her can be imagined Just as Siniang was beginning to feel exhausted Xu Danfeng shouted "Don't panic Grandma I'm coming!" With a wave of his sword he had already received a charge from Farak But she was tired from a long battle and how could she be such a master of skill as Farak who had always preserved her strength and was Miscellaneous equal to the sharp edge of a fresh force Therefore at the touch of the sword her arm immediately felt numb and she could not help withdrawing from the three strides Farak said with a lewd smile "Little darling you are too tired The Buddha can't bear it" As soon as Xu Danfeng's silver teeth fell she cut off her mouth and shouted angrily "The bald donkey is looking at the sword!" In the sound of his voice he had already raised his True Qi and attacked with his sword Farak burst out laughing and said "The little darling is not only beautiful but also has a good staying power It's worth the Buddha's great" Before he had finished speaking Gu Taixu shouted "Master catch that girl quickly!" Farak raised his voice and laughed "She can't run …" At the same instant the daytime rainbow shot down beside the ancient Taixu like a rainbow through the sky and said in a loud voice "Ancient thief your end is coming!" Immediately afterwards Xiang Jiang Yue'e and Shen Tian said in a deep voice "Auntie Shen Lao please get out of the way!" It turned out that the last two monsters that Bai Tianhong and Xu Danfeng dealt with were also the most ferocious and slippery and they were locked in a stalemate for a long time It was not until Leng Hanmei was killed Qiu Shangwen was injured and Yu Siniang was on the verge of danger that Hong urged Xu Danfeng to go to support her As soon as the two monsters saw that a strong enemy had gone they could not help being overjoyed and pounced on the daytime rainbow together During the day the rainbow was in a hurry so he had to take a dangerous move Although his left shoulder was scratched by the monster the two monsters died one after another under his sword and fingers and they were able to get away in time "Little bastard" said Gu Taixu with a sneer "do you think I'm afraid of you" During the day the rainbow shouted angrily "Old thief!"! Take your life! As soon as the long sword was displayed he took over Gu Taixu's offensive and said in a deep voice "Auntie Mr Shen hurry up and support my grandfather and Younger Martial Sister Xu respectively" As a matter of fact Jiang Yue'e and Shen Tianchao did not wait for Bai Tianhong to remind them that they had rushed to Xu Danfeng and Bai Yunfei respectively The skill of Bai Yunfei and the Master of Dead Wood was originally inferior to that of the two old monsters who were "incomplete in the world" Now more than two thousand strokes both sides have become a spent force four people's foreheads have emerged beads of sweat as big as soybeans and depending on the situation as long as we continue to fight three or five hundred strokes Baiyunfei the dead wood master two people can be said to be either dead or injured Shen Tianjiao ran straight to Baiyun and threw his paw at Szeto Chu "Old Bai GlobalChemMall " he shouted "please forgive the younger generation for being presumptuous" With Szeto Chu's skill if you care about Chang three or five Shen Tian don't want to get close to him But at this time Szeto Chu was unable to avoid being hit on his left shoulder by a claw from Shen Tian Just in time Bai Yunfei's "Hundred Steps Magic Fist" hit out at the right time Although Bai Yunfei was more tired than Szeto Chu and the "Hundred Steps Magic Fist" had no power at all for Szeto Chu at this time this punch was like adding insult to injury and he was shocked to stagger back seven or eight steps Shen Tian asked for an arrow step made up a claw and immediately told the account He after killing Szeto Chu immediately flew to the dead wood master's side Follow suit "to lack" Szeto Ze is also under three strokes and two types lying dead on the spot Shen Tian asked for help from Bai Yunfei After the two dead wood masters killed the two old monsters they immediately said "Two old-timers please adjust your breath quickly The younger generation will protect the Dharma for you" When Jiang Yue'e ran Miscellaneous to Xu Danfeng Xu Danfeng was also restrained by Falak's "Yoga" with a silver circle Jiang Yue'e was surprised and anxious to attack Farak laughed and said "Another beauty Xu Niang is half old and still charming Ha ha ha" When Gu Taixu saw Falak's success he was delighted and smiled coldly at Daylight Rainbow "Little bastard look over there" In this scene the anxiety of the rainbow during the day can be imagined Originally as far as the swordsmen were concerned everything tonight was smooth Although it was not easy to win it was a near miss Unexpectedly however the "Yoga" of the Buddhist monk Falak in Tianzhu turned out to be surprisingly evil Now that Xu Danfeng and Leng Hanmei have been made it seems that Jiang Yue-e and Yu Siniang will be made sooner or later Although the rainbow was gifted during the day and had many adventures he did not feel tired because of a series of bitter battles but Gu Taixu was not weak and his skill was one or two chips higher than Leng Jianying's During the day the inherent power of the rainbow killed him but it was not something that could be done in a short time What's more Gu Taixu saw his final victory in sight and his spirit was particularly vigorous By contrast it was even more difficult for Bai Tianhong to win in time This situation Bai Tianhong himself is extremely anxious the rest of the swordsmen are not so! Especially for Baiyunfei and the dead wood master two people to protect the Dharma Shen Tianchao is anxious like ants on a hot pan mind turning hurriedly waving to Zhu Cheng yuan Yuqin He hurried to Ximen Cui and said "Ximen Cui whose side are you on" "You're not asking too many questions" said Ximen Cui indifferently "Then you should help us break the sorcery of the demon monk" said Shen Tian "I'm a layman like you" said Ximen Cui "How can I help Dharma" "At least you should know how to get rid of it" Shen Tian complained Ximen Cui said thoughtfully "Maybe dog blood can work" Shen Tianchao frowned and said "In a hurry how can you get dog blood" Ximen Cui then asked "Didn't Ji Dongping come from Paijiao" This is really a word to remind the dreamer Shen Tian can not help but exultation "Yes!"! Maybe Ji Dongping has a way 。

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