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Know More About When Your ESA Dog Needs A Low Protein Food

Are you also one of those individuals who are constantly worried about the nutritional plan of their dogs? Then continue reading if you wish to figure out when and how your dog’s nutritional needs change. It is normal to care for your pet’s health, but it gets more important when that pet is your emotional support animal. You should also have emotional support animal letter.

While we are on the topic of ESAs, I’d like to address the issue of struggling to keep a pet due to community restrictions. It is not easy to keep your emotional support animal with you at all times, but an emotional support dog letter can make it possible. Through this letter, you become eligible to keep any animal that has been prescribed by your psychologist to give you all the comfort and emotional support you need.
Coming back to diet and nutrition, just like humans, the nutritional needs of dogs vary based on their breed, age, and other factors. However, some serious medical conditions are alarming and require your dog to shift to a low protein diet. Many packaged dog foods have a protein concentration of about 25 percent. However, foods that explicitly mention low protein levels have almost half of the protein in them compared to normal food. But to get an esa letter for housing, you need to apply for it.

Conditions Under Which Low Protein Food is Given to ESA Dogs
Several medical conditions might require you to put your ESA dog on a diet with high protein concentration. These conditions include kidney or liver diseases or a stone in the bladder. In case your dog develops a kidney or liver disease, a low protein dog food would be recommended by the vet to limit these organs’ function. Since both kidney and liver are the metabolizers of protein. So reducing protein intake would ultimately reduce the workload.
Moreover, it is noticed that a low protein diet often gets permanent for the dogs because the situations in which it is suggested are chronic.
While liver and kidney disorders are among the top disorders that need low protein intake for the dog, there are some other, less chronic conditions, such as urate bladder stones, that require your dogs to take food with a low protein concentration. However, in such a situation, the protein diet is not permanent. Instead, it lasts until the stone is dissolved. If you have chosen to get an esa letter for housing then you probably know that you will need a special letter to make it legal. This letter is a licensed document given to you by a licensed medical health care professional. Basically, it says that you can have an ESA.

Recommendations for ESA Dog Owners
The dog owners are suggested to put their dogs in a low protein diet only under the veterinary doctor’s supervision. It is because you can not get low protein food from a store without a prescription. Moreover, the owner should not attempt to make such food at home by himself, as it may put his dog in a worse condition than before. Besides, to monitor the diet’s effect, proper blood tests must be conducted, and the dog must go through a scheduled procedure at a vet’s clinic.
In case a vet finds it appropriate to place the dog on a low-protein diet, certain precautions should be taken by the owners to ensure that the diet is effective. The first is to ensure that the protein that your dog is receiving is of good quality. Go for the best dry dog food available in the market. Next, the owners should be careful to adhere to the diet, as “cheating” will counteract the desired result.

In addition, the dog owner should consider tracking his dog’s weight and body health on a daily basis. He must ensure that the dog does not lose or gain weight unnecessarily due to his new diet since keeping a balanced weight is the secret to the dog’s good health. Getting an esa letter online is possible, but again you have to be very careful regarding what’s legal and what’s not!

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