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Apple's hot new iPhone SE and iPad Air are making an important 5G compromise


Of course, "visibility" is Apple's buzzword for 2022 launches, so we're not shocked that the third-generation iPhone SE "borrows" the A15 processor from the flagship iPhone 13 family. Even more impressive is that the 5th generation iPad Air shares cutting-edge M1 silicon with the iPad Pro (2021) Duo. 


But (somewhat) surprisingly, "top speed" doesn't seem to be in the latest budget of the 0.7-inch handset or his 5G-ready version of the ultra-powerful new 10.9-inch tablet. But it allows you to use high quolity apps like


Correct. Both the iPhone SE (2022) and iPad Air 5 are sub-6GHz 5G devices without mmWave support. If you really don't know what that means, the simplest way to say it is that these bad guys can't offer his 5G speeds, which are currently the fastest available in the US. 


How different? 

In short, it's not that big. That's because mmWave 5G is an absolutely brilliant piece of technology...a feature that's pretty useless in practice, even on paper. Ok, that might be a little harsh, so let's rephrase it in a way that doesn't confuse Verizon too much. 


Big Red's mmWave spectrum enables download (and upload) speeds many times faster than T-Mobile's "domestic" 5G network, making a world of difference. 

The problem is that mmWave 5G signals do not travel far, pass through buildings and other obstacles, and are not available in many cities, let alone rural areas. However, this is a nice feature for Verizon's (and ATandT and T-Mobile's) few subscribers, and (sometimes) can take advantage of it. ). ). ) as standard equipment. So it's definitely a bit disappointing to see Apple shrinking that corner, especially considering the iPhone SE 3's price hike over its LTE predecessor. Under the name , we can speculate that this decision has something to do with the design of the iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air 5 and how Apple focused on making these two devices as sleek and light as possible. increase. delete. "Components. It makes more sense to assume that the lack of antennas helped keep the company's prices (relatively) low." For example, the 


Google Pixel 6 costs $599 for the sub-6 GHz version, $699 for Verizon, and $739 for ATandT. 5G with mmWave support. Even Big Red's modest TCL 30 V 5G is $100 more than T-Mobile's TCL 30 XE 5G, but even in this case there's a big difference. 


But it's clear that Apple should have paid more for the iPhone SE (2022). To be clear, this A15's performance can take full advantage of low- and mid-band 5G technologies from T-Mobile, Verizon, and ATandT. This includes the somewhat controversial C-band spectrum recently introduced by his two latter providers.


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